Front Panel Shipped!

That was fast… Elecrow says it will be 7 – 15 working days until it gets here.  It is kinda awesome of them to send a pic of the finished board, great to see it.  Very cool.



Here is a sample of Valance‘s externally clocked sequencer mode. Its playing a sequence with an RC-type slide.  In the middle of the display I’ve switched from playing in reverse to playing in the forward direction.  Notice that the sequence in reverse is a mirror image of the forward sequence, including the slide shapes which have had their curves inverted.  All of this is is independent of the speed of the sequence.

Here’s the same thing happening with an 8 note sequence.  An inverted RC-type slide is used and the sequence is switched from forward to reverse in the middle of the display.


Valence version 0.1                  VS                       Valence version  1.0


  • Moved away from lighted buttons…
    • they’re expensive
    • I can’t for the life of me find round translucent caps that I know will fit and work well.
    • Separate buttons and LEDs are more flexible anyway.
  • Learned that footprints converted from Eagle to Designspark cannot be trusted.
  • Fewer board errors!  Only 3 this time!


The board needed a little bit of rework.. 3 bad footprints.. 🙁  not too bad.

These LEDS are too bright.